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Who are we ?

At Il bosco di Egam, we combine our love and sensitivity for nature with a bold vision of a cleaner future for our children. 

Our logo is a symbol representing a small forest composed of two charms, a poplar and a fig tree. 

These trees, considered 'pioneer plants', are among the first to grow back when we let nature take its course. 

They also embody the zodiac signs of our children, giving our brand deep meaning. The name “Egam”, made up of their initials, is a constant reminder of our commitment to a sustainable future.


What materials do we use?

We believe in the importance of every decision we make in our creative process. That's why we use the highest quality 925 silver for our pendants. 

We use a special technique that allows us to minimize our impact on the environment by using fewer resources. 

Our jewelry is made from fully recycled silver powder, giving a second life to this precious material. 

Each silver leaf is meticulously bears in transparency the coordinates of the tree you are supporting, thus creating a tangible link between you, your jewel and your commitment to reforestation.

How do we produce?

We believe in the uniqueness of every leaf in natural life, and that's why every pendant we create is one of a kind. 

Our jewelry is handcrafted with care, using recycled silver powder and sustainable processes. 

Each leaf-shaped pendant embodies the diversity of nature and represents your commitment to responsible living.

Fait à la main

Handmade jewelry


Each pendant
is unique

Ecological impact

What are our values ?

Our mission goes far beyond the simple creation of jewelry. 
We planted a vast and varied forest as a founding act, with the hope of seeing it grow and prosper. 

This forest represents our commitment to the health of our planet and our desire to contribute positively to the local economy and to the fight against climate change. 

To ensure an ethical and environmentally friendly value chain, we work with suppliers with “B Corp” certification or who guarantee fair production through the use of recycled and recyclable materials. 

Our initial partnerships with Treedom and EcoTree is just the beginning of our commitment to developing meaningful collaborations for a better future.


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